Foundations Classes

Love INC of Mahaska County is excited to help teach, equip, and encourage individuals in the community that desire to learn new skills and apply them in their lives. These free classes are 12 weeks long on a rotating schedule. Held Thursday Nights from 6-8pm with an optional, free dinner starting at 5:15pm. Free childcare included. Requirements include on-time, weekly attendance with completed homework assignments. Attendees can enroll and receive incentives to help reach their goals.


  • Incentives (Financial, Household, Hygiene, etc)
  • Free Dinner
  • Free Childcare
  • Personal Growth (Physical, Emotional, Relational, & Spiritual)

Core Classes

  • Affirming Potential
  • Faith and Finance
  • Boundaries
Other topics may include:
  • Job Training and Placement
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Past Trauma Healing
  • Parenting
  • Nutrition, Cooking, and Meal Planning
  • Life Skills
  • Mentoring
  • So Much More!

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Affirming Potential

The Affirming Potential class is designed to highlight and increase your capacity to experience the fullness of life God has prepared for you. In this class you will explore the four wheels of life (physical, relational, emotional and spiritual) evaluating and personalizing them to your own experiences. The class includes video, group discussion and personal reflection. By the end of this class you will have identified personal goals and steps and be ready to put them into action. In this class you will examine your past to understand your present, so you can lean into and embrace your future.

Faith and Finance

Let’s get back to the basics of finances. Do you feel like you have control of your money or is it controlling you? In this class you will explore knowledge and skills in basic financial management and gain wisdom to overcome real world pitfalls. This class is not a boring numbers class, but instead follows “Eva and Isaac’s family” through situations that frequently occur in everyday life and how they handle it, then discussion about what they could do differently. You will track your expenses, develop a budget, and begin using that budget; all while receiving encouragement and experiencing how Jesus can provide peace, healing, and freedom through restored relationship with Him, with others, with ourselves, and with our money.


Boundaries is a 12-week curriculum by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend. It addresses relational issues such as: Living a life out of control, having people take advantage of us, having trouble saying no, being upset with God because of unanswered prayers, and many more. Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced life. This class will help you develop healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries.

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