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There’s nothing more powerful than churches working together as the body of Christ.

Every year, Love INC of Mahaska County connects its partner church volunteers to over 500 families in their community. Together, we are able to not only meet over 1,000 needs, but meet each person where they’re at. Caring for them holistically, our neighbors are met with dignity and respect, while our partner churches are free to focus on serving according to their strengths. The result? Transformed lives. Transformed churches. And transformed communities.
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I Didn’t Know…

Homelessness is defined as a lack of a fixed, regular, adequate nighttime residence. Often a neighbor calls or comes into the office, not realizing they meet this definition, and our initial suggestions seem foreign to them. “Trevor” was one such individual. He has been “homeless”, couch surfing at other people’s

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LoveIncMC Impact Financial Squeeze

Financial Squeeze

“Mary” is a single mom who is on a very tight budget. She’s going to college full-time to be a nurse because she knows this is her calling. She’s also raising her child by herself. She had some car repairs to pay for and got behind on her electric bill.

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LoveIncMC Impact Theres Always Hope

There’s Always Hope

Renee* and her boyfriend had used the last of their money at motels and were now homeless. We are working with them to build a stable plan to get them back on their feet and in their own place. Renee said, “When we first got here, we didn’t know what

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LoveIncMC Impact Supporting Mothers

Supporting Mothers

“Allison” has been mentored through The Growing Place. As a result, she feels more confident in her ability to be a good mother. She feels supported, like people actually care about her. She learned of more resources to help her family that she didn’t know existed.

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LoveIncMC Impact Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment

“Paige” came to the Resource Center several times seeking financial assistance. Each time she was so negative. The sun was never shining in her life. She finally joined our Foundations classes when she thought there was no other choice. After several sessions, she came to see that others really do

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